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Monographs and Publications

Several members are involved in research and local studies on behalf of the society and have published monographs and books


Where available, publications can be purchased from the Committee. A selection of sold out monographs have been made freely available to read online. Click on the  title page image below to explore its contents.
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GY photos 1942 to 1943 hollands bk cover
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Books Published by GYLHAS

  • Historic Great Yarmouth: by Margaret Gooch ISBN  978-0957609211

  • More Plaques in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston:by Paul P. Davies  ISBN 978-1-944241-98-8     

  • Even More Plaques in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston: by Paul Davies  ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0B3T9FD4G                         

  • St Georges, Great Yarmouth – Chapel, Church Arts Centre:by Paul P. Davies ISBN 978-0-9544509-8-4  

Monographs Published by GYLHAS          * sold out       + available to view online.

  • *+Monograph One: Excerpts from Great Yarmouth Sailors' Home Log Book 861 to 1864​

  • *+Monograph Two: A Record of the Surviving and Legible Memorial Slabs in St. Nicholas' Church  at the Commencement of the Restoration Work: 2nd June 1957

  • *Monograph Three: Little Yarmouth 

  • *+Monograph Four: Homocea  YH573 A Diary of the Autumn Herring Fishing Season 1908

  • *+Monograph Five: Photographs of Great Yarmouth taken between 1942 and 1944     

  • *+Monograph Six: Plaques in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston ISBN 978-0957609204 

  • *+Monograph Seven: Window Displays - par excellence. The Work of Phillip Musgrove Gray of Palmer's Department Store - Great Yarmouth in the 1930s 

  • *+Monograph Eight: A Snapshot of Great Yarmouth 150 Years Ago 

  • *+Monograph Nine: Some Bye-Laws of Great Yarmouth Borough Council 1862-1873

  • *+Monograph Ten: Caister Causey Act 1722

  • *+Monograph Eleven: A Proposal for a New Cattle Market and Slaughter House for Great Yarmouth 1877

  • *+Monograph Twelve: A Selection of the writings of Harry Beale Johnson, the Yarmouth Mercury Corner Man 1926-1932

  • *+Monograph Thirteen: The High Stewards of Great Yarmouth

  • *+Monograph Fourteen: Reprint of the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Guide 1909

  • *+Monograph Fifteen: Great Yarmouth: the mid-nineteenth century.  Illustrated by contemporary engravings by Colin Tooke

  • *+Monograph Sixteen: Steer’s Directory of Great Yarmouth 1878

  • Monograph Seventeen: Rules for Housekeepers at Palmers 1884

  • *+Monograph Eighteen: Large Scale Map of Great Yarmouth 1885  

  • *+Monograph Nineteen: Great Yarmouth 1937 to 1969

  • Monograph Twenty: Society Bulletins 1 to 56 (1968-1979)

  • Monograph Twenty-one: Great Yarmouth 1970 to 2000.

  • *+Monograph Twenty-two: Victorian Refuse in North Denes, Great Yarmouth
  • Graveyard Symbolism: The Churchyard and Cemeteries, Great Yarmouth by Paul P. Davies and B. Heriz ISBN 978-1-5272-2967-9

  • Seventeenth Century Great Yarmouth Tokens and their issuers: by Adrian Marsden 


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