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Blue Plaques

GYLHAS has marked important heritage sites in the town since 1981 by facilitating the installation of 150 Blue Plaques on buildings of historical significance in and around Great Yarmouth.
New Plaques

Research for Blue Plaques is carried out by members at the request of individuals or organisations, who fund their manufacture.  Each plaque is unveiled at a formal public ceremony to which GYLHAS members (and the general public) are invited.
The Blue Plaques, and consequent press coverage, have increased interest in the town's history and have significantly raised the profile of heritage in the town.
Click here to view a list of Blue Plaques erected by the Society.
Interactive Blue Plaque Website and Trails

On behalf of GYLHAS a MSc graduate student developed a website and series of downloadable trails with links to detailed information about each plaque. The links can be used to explore plan your own local history trail and explore notable people who were associated with the town. You can access the website by clicking here and the trails can be downloaded from the links below. 
Blue Plaque Seafront Walk 1.png
Blue Plaque Market Place Circle Walk.png
Blue Plaque Quayside Walk.png
Blue Plaque Gorleston Walk.png
Blue Plaque Publications
GYLHAS has published a three monographs listing Blue Plaques and outlining the history behind each commemoration.
Book 1 -  ‘Plaques in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston’
Book 2 - 'More Plaques in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston'. This publication contains a further 50 plaques in Yarmouth and its surrounds.
Book 3 - 'Even more Plaques in and around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston' 
This publications can be purchased from the Society (click here for GYLHAS contacts



Blue Plaque 3 Book Cover.jpg
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