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Picture of Yarmouth: 200 Years of Built Heritage

In January 1820, John Preston, Comptroller of His Majesty’s Customs in Great Yarmouth, published The Picture of Yarmouth, an illustrated account of the public establishments in the town. This book became an important historical and cultural reference for Great Yarmouth. His words have resonated down the centuries and the book’s illustrations
have been constantly reproduced in other works and adorn the walls of both homes and hotels in Great Yarmouth even today.
Supported by the Heritage Fund, the Society produced a book to celebrate the bicentenary of John’s Preston’s title. The publication shows how Preston's buildings appear today and also includes descriptions and illustrations of iconic local buildings as chosen by the people of Yarmouth in 2018/19. To find out more click here. 
The publication was recently awarded joint winner of the Alan Ball Award 2021. The judges thought it was an excellent publication and it is a worthy winner. Congratulations to all members who were involved with this project.
To accompany this book, an educational booklet has been designed to support local schools studying history at KS2 & 3. This can be downloaded for free by clicking here. 
In 2018, the society was successful in its bid to the Heritage Fund to commemorate the bi-centennial of its publication. The Picture of Yarmouth book, published by the society in 2021, is one of the outcomes of that project.
How to Purchase The Picture of Yarmouth: 200 Years of Built Heritage
Hardback edition (RRP £15 + p&p)
paperback edition (RRP £10 + p&p)
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