Historic Great Yarmouth

Members have contributed to a slideshow which contains fascinating images of the town's past.

Select and click on the image to expand the view.*Please note: many of these images are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission from the GYLHAS committee.

Sea Bathing
The Garibaldi
King Street
Marine Parade
The Hippodrome 1911
Foulshams Hotel
The Guinness Clock 1955
King Street 1908
The Naval Station
Royal Hotel 1912
GY Lifeboat Crew
Nelson Gardens and Boating Lake
Peggotty's Hut
Life Boat - Marine Parade
The Revolving Tower
The Scenic Railway 1946
Blackfriars' Tower
Regent Road 1920-1930
NW Tower
Millmount by Preston 1819
St Nicholas Church 1900
The Waterways
Row 120
Suspension Bridge 1845
Millmount -Preston Print
Fish Barrel Walking
Cannon Excavation
Short Blue Fleet
South Gate by Crome
Last GY Windmill -Hamilton Rd
Wellington Gardens 1913
St John's Church
St Nicholas Pulpit & Chancel
Real Bloaters
Fullers Hill 1871
Gasometer 1994
Edwardian Beach Scene